Citizen reporter and grassroots journalism

1. The story of “Citizen reporter” in Korea
1.1. Ohmynews
1.2. “Every citizen is a reporter”
1.3. In 2000, it started with 70 citizen reporters and now has more than 35,000.
1.4. A micro-payment system enables citizen reporters to make money by receiving “tips” from their readers.
1.5. More than 80% of the content of Ohmynews comes from citizen reporter.
1.6. More than 1 million people visit Ohmynews
1.7. “Citizen reporter” project in Japan: Janjan

‘OhmyNews Turned Conventional Internet Wisdom on Its Head
An article about Janjan

2. Traditional journalism vs. grassroots journalism
2.1. One way vs. Two way communication
2.2. Elitist vs. grassroots
2.3. Centralized vs. dispersed
2.4. Authority (objectivity, accuracy, …) vs. Interactive democracy
2.5. “Objective” vs. Subjective

2.6. A book: We the media

Other examples:
Kevin’s blog

3. Blog culture
3.1. What is blog?
3.2. DIY culture
Newspaper should really worry
3.3. It is very popular in China and Taiwan
3.4. In China, it’s a news channel alternative to mainstream media monopolized by governments.
3.5. In Taiwan, it becomes a culture of youth (明日報).
3.6. Some Hong Kong bloggers
Anson’s blog
3.7. A useful tool: bloglines

4. In-media
4.1. A small project in Hong Kong.
4.2. A post-July 1 product.
4.3. The incident of Commercial Radio
4.4. Difficulties:
-Lack of DIY culture, such as blogger
-HK internet culture: over-communication
-HK young people are not willing to write news or comments.
-Our media consumption is still dominated by mainstream newspaper, radio and TV channels.

Other references
Discussion on the credibility of citizen reporter
Are blogs journalism?
Blogger Legal Defense Society

Academic paper
Farrell, Henry and Drezner, Daniel W. (Aug. 2004). The Power and Politics of Blogs

Blogs in the third world
Iranian Blogs

weblogs: a history and perspective

Writing style


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